Thursday, July 27, 2006

Some Guy I don't know at Mako's

I guess that I should clarify. This is an employee who was paid to paddle him. This is not him being sketchy with some random girl. His brother wouldn't shell out the big bucks to get him on the swing.

Bathrooms at the Steamhouse Lounge

It took me about 30 seconds to figure out which one to use.


Buckhead Sunset

Mega Pitcher

I want to know where to buy one of these things. Equivalent in size to 3.5 pitchers and makes my bowling experience that much better.

Little Man with a Funnel

Jman's 7th Annual 4th of July Party

Parked Cars + Fireworks = Good Idea

$5 to submerge your head in ice water

Henri's Bakery = Bliss

Turkey on Rye please

Bad Ass Mini-Van

Explicit behavior at the Braves game

In Tooner Field no less.

Channeling Spuds MacKenzie

Red Dirt Band playing Centennial Park


Don't Tread on Me

I cannot remember what bar I took this picture in, but I like it.

Rainbow at Braves game

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

06 betting sheets, pages 3 and 4

Quite a few more bets than last year.

2006 betting sheet pages 1 and 2

yeah I wasn't a winner

Post Derby 06

Lasty year after the Derby I was mixing Mr. T's in the bathroom at Chuck E. Cheese, this year I decided to class up just a little bit, and avoid possible arrest.